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Oriental Rugs & Textiles for sale

Music For The Eyes in Langley © Sharon Lundahl

When you walk through the doors of our shop, you see a burst of color from the rugs and textiles, as well as colored light from  Moroccan lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  The building actually used to be a department store, so there are extra sections and cubby-holes.  We turned the dressing rooms and closets into little spaces for displaying certain kinds of treasures.

After we returned from Tibet, we set up a special Tibetan section, with books, flags, jewelry and hats.

Don’t miss the little Kyrgyz section with antique bellows, tall reed screens, leather pants and an exquisite scissors holder.

Now that our collection of beads is rapidly expanding, you will find two sections full of colorful unusual beads and pendants.

The jewelry just won’t be contained in any one part of the store.  Earrings stands have proliferated, so they are everywhere, even in the store windows.  Hats too can be found in many places.

Recently we have started making the upstairs section of the building into an area solely for storage of extra collections of old rugs, textiles, hats and the like.  If you like old things, and want to go upstairs, you had better plan an extra hour for your visit.

Zollanvari Gabbeh Carpets for Sale

Gabbehs from Iran © Sharon Lundahl

7 Responses to “About Our Store”

  1. Mona says:

    Fred & Sharon!

    Great website! Looks like a Russell Sparkman website… Ah yes… it is!

    So sorry I didn’t call you about the gelato run. I’ve not really been myself lately. Too much on my mind and too much going on.

    Love you both,

    • Deb Crocker says:

      I love your store. The textiles, colors and textures are absolutely yummy!

      What a great addition to lovely Langley.

      Deb Crocker
      One More Thing! in Coupeville

  2. Irina and Sergey says:

    Dear fiends,
    website great looking with new design! But store! Wow! It’s really from category “must see”.

    Best regards

  3. Hardy says:

    Hey, those multiplication questions to prevent spam are a little tough for some of us. Love your web site. I often think about the two of you.

  4. Ginny says:

    Hi Fred & Sharon~~You’re never there, of course, cause you’re off globe trotting, but I love to bring friends and visitors to the Island to Music for the Eyes. People walk in the door and they’re stunned by the beauty, the color, the amazing selection of EVERYTHING! What fun!

  5. Elena says:

    Hi you guys!~
    Wish I could drop into you store by popping down
    the street. Love your shop.
    Gonna see if I can send you a jpg of the wonderful rug
    I bought there a few years back. Both me and my catlet
    adore this piece. It’s a keeper.
    Darn…appears this is only for text! The rug is bright orange
    with cherise and black design..I stopped by with Lou and Julia,
    who live in Langley in 2007?
    Well, hope you’re finding more amazing rugs around the world.

  6. Keira Watson says:

    Your store looks amazing! I like your style and want my house look same!

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